Compilation of Potential Darwin Award Winners!

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Love it!

Particular personal highlights for me were the two chaps trying to smash the window, and the Shell tanker at the end... Did he REALLY use a lighter to check if a compartment was full?


From the general set-up and the guys involved it looked like Africa. I saw a similarly perilous situation involving a Shell truck in South Africa once- Going up a steep hill on the motorway and gallons of fuel gushing out of the back. :crazy:

Bit of a dilemma really... Do you stop, or wait for a downhill bit and then stop? I had a think about it during the last few puffs of my cigarette before I chucked it.:devil:
Really had to wince at a few of those..

A lot of them self-inflicted. It pays too be stupid..
Loved the Skoda hitting the gates................PMSL:D
Although I agree some of those are potential Darwin nominees - I feel that some were very tragic accidents... like the rocket launch...

Other than some tragedies; some seriously stupid people there!
I initially enjoyed this compilation and told a friend of mine about it. I showed it to him and then he explained that one of the people in the clips was someone in his company and that the guy died of his injurys. I now feel quite uncomfortable with not just this clip (which was innocently posted here) but with this genre. The guy who I've just watch die has a family and now his loved ones know that his death is all over the internet as entertainment.

I think I've just grown up a bit more. I'm ashamed that I laughed:(

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