Condition of used vehicle bought from mercedes

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Jun 17, 2018
Hi peeps

I need some advice from you all

My brother last November saw a used mercedes 2015 c class advertised on mercedes website . We called the branch spoke to used car sales person said the car had full service history and comes with a 12 months warranty . He made us aware alloys will be refurbed and a scuff on rear bumper will be corrected. Sent us a video of the car looked great left a deposit

Drove 2 hours to the mercedes showroom to buy the car. Found front passenger seat was ripped . Stone chips all over the bonnet . The scuff on the rear bumper they literally touched it up with a touch up pen .

Also found out the car didn't have full service history and for this reason came with a 3 month warranty . They slightly lowered the price for the above errors regarding history and warranty misinformation
My brother had his heart set on it so we bought it

Rgarding the paint work the manager said it was to a saleable standard. They agreed to fix the ripped seat and do smart repairs on the stone chips on front bumper and mark on rear bumper . Also paint missing from driver edge of the door to be corrected

6 months of going back and forth finally got the car booked in last week. My brother collected it yesterday They literally have done nothing apart from give it a polish . Stone chips still there . Scuff on rear bumper has been polished down so it's not raised . They said that is the best they can do

Now I know it's not a brand new car but I'm fuming ! Surely mercedes have a standard they will only sell a car in and if it is not they will rectify it

Not sure what to do any advice
^ This exactly. Never ever rely on a promise from a dealer that defects will be sorted before collection. Your type of experience is reported all over the internet. Basically once a dealer has your cash you can mostly forget getting anything sorted. There are exceptions occasionally though.
"Last November" = the situation has been & gone.
If he has accepted the flaws, and loves the for the one he "set his heart on" then all is well.
If he is disgruntled and feels he has been mislead, then imho he has left it far too long & taken entirely the wrong approach . If that is the case, then he must learn a valuable lesson from it & move forward.
Considering the car was inspected in person before purchase and this was from back in November last year I wouldn’t say there is a great deal of recourse here.

Chalk it up to experience, it’s fortunate that the issues are only cosmetic, and be more discerning with any future purchases.
I went to look at a car at a dealership after i put a deposit on over the phone.

Turned up and the car was pebbledashed on the bonnet. Asked for this to be resprayed to which they declined.

Received deposit back and walked away from the sale. There are plenty of cars out there
Unfortunately, your story is all too common.

This may be too late for you, but see point no. 4 below:

At this point, my advice would be that if your brother likes the car, then he should forget about the dealer, and get it repaired properly at his own cost. Find a good local body shop and a good upholsterer and get the issues fixed then put it all down to experience.
As above. It’s bought now. Get it repaired yourself and accept the bill. You’re on a hiding to nothing with the dealer. You can get a lot of this stuff repaired for a surprisingly reasonable cost if you go down the smart repair route. It’s a shame that dealers are not honourable in all cases but the moral of the story is that all of the issues must be resolved before you accept delivery. If they are to be done at a later date get it in writing!

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