Connectors attached to washer jets in engine bay

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Sep 6, 2014

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My wife's 1986 500 SL jas just come back from having some accident damage repaired. While I was nosing around in the engine bay inspecting the work, I noticed one of the hoses to the passenger side windscreen washer jet wasn't connected. Popped that back on, but noticed that there were two wires attached to the hoses with connectors on the end. These are loose, and I cannot see anywhere obvious where they should be attached.

Does anyone have any ideas what these should be attached to ? All advice gratefully received ( also notice bonnet insulation lining is also missing :mad: )

Hi ,as for the wires on the washer jets . As it been modified at some time by fitting these washer jets that have lights in them .You can find them on ebay. .
As per lexman... the nozzles are heated.

The bonnet inssulation is about 90 quid plus adhesive.

You also seem to be missing a fair amount of trim around the firewall.
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Thanks all.

I suspect it's not the original bonnet then, as the washer jets are not heated. Odd that I hadn't noticed them loose before though. It's definitely the same bonnet that I sent the car away with.

@Sp!ke. Do you have an equivalent shot that would show the trim around the firewall I'm missing ?

Haven't spent much time under the bonnet before, which is about to change. Non functioning vacuum system ( vacuum switch not working, and headlight adjustment also not working ).
Forget the car...the old property looks really interesting. Is it in France?
Must get around to securing photobucket folders :rolleyes:

It is in France. Down in 64 in Basque country. It'll be the resting place for the SL in about 9 months with a bit of luck.

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