Considering selling my 300SL !


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Jul 21, 2002
Hi Guys

I am seriosly considering selling my 12/92 300SL to aid the purchase of a very nice R plate Green/Black 320SL :D


I bought the car about a year ago - and it has been great! - If I dont get the newer car I wont worry :D,l but the lure of a low mileage late model is getting to me.

Mine has done about 65k miles with FSH, is trimmed in 2 tone leather with aircon , rear seats etc. Fitted with Mille Miglia 17" 245/45/17's, long MOT, just been taxed for the year !!

There are a couple of stonechips on the bonnet, the SRS light is on ( George Fraser confirmed drivers seat sensor - but I wont renew it as my wife drives too close to the wheel!), and it is due a 72k mile service (about 350 plus VAT).

I'm looking for offers around 16,500 for it

More pics here

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