Considering W204 C63: Standard, PPP, or 507?

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Jun 29, 2018
14' C63 Diamond White Coupe
I'm a bit of a dilemma at the moment, I am putting my E46 M3 on sale soon and I am considering getting into a C63 W204. At the moment, I am torn between the standard one, a PPP one and a 507. I want this next car to have a potential for growth in value, it won't be a complete garage queen, but will only be doing around 5k a year only in nice weather, and extremely pampered as a weekend/fun car. It must be a facelift, and must be a coupe. I intend to keep this for several years at least, so value appreciation must be considered. It must be an excellent example in immaculate or close to immaculate condition.

I know this is a decision that only I can make and I have done extensive research into it so far, but any opinions from you guys would be welcome. This is how I see it at the moment:

Cars advertised between £25-30k. (Excellent value)
Low mileages can be considered, as low as 30k miles for this budget.
Plenty to choose from.
I haven't driven one of these yet, benchmark is currently 507 which I loved so this can't feel inferior.

Start at £30k for mileages around 40-50k.
Seems to be a very rare option (potential for more appreciation maybe in future).
Some good options here, I like the idea of red brake calipers, and better engine internals, and the extra power.
I haven't driven one.

I have driven one.
premium compared to the previous models, lower mileages start from £40-45k. That's potentially £20k more than a standard C63. This is a lot.
Arguably the best C63 (aside from Black Series).
Unparalleled exclusivity due to rarity (about 1 in 8 currently on market), and potential for appreciation.
Love everything about it, except the extra premium.
I completely agree it was a marketing exercise and the least value for money in terms of car (taking aside exclusivity).

Budget wise, I am suitable for all. Priorities are:

1. Potential for appreciation
2. Value for money
3. I have driven a 507 and I use that as a benchmark, the experience can't be any less than this (considering standard C63's, as the PPP is pretty much the same in terms of performance).

Any opinions and thoughts would be most welcome :)
Why settle for second best ?

Black Series.
In my view the only chance of a relatively recent car going up in value any time soon is that it starts off rare in the first place. It will also need low mileage and need to keep it.
For example, R129s are only just really rising in value (after 25-30 years!), and then only those with low mileage and in excellent condition with a known providence are showing any sign of significant appreciation.
The strangest cars do appreciate though.
The best strategy is to buy something that is relatively common (so good value) but the numbers get thinned out quickly for whatever reason eg W210 and rust, various Ferraris and bursting into flames, and then make sure it doesn't happen to yours. Trouble is, its difficult to spot what car is going to become rare while they are still common.
On your list, the 507 starts off with very few made and by now a few will have been wrapped around a tree, so this is the obvious one to go for. Trouble is, this is obvious so its carrying a premium. On the up side, if it does appreciate, it has the potential to go a long way. Hove you checked the price trends of these models? If they are still going down then appreciation in the near term is unlikely. If its looking flat then you are in with a chance. With a bit of digging and research you should be able to form a view of the historic market.

So I think a top condition 507 has the best chance of appreciation, but I'm the first to admit I'm no expert! Hopefully this will be an interesting discussion!
I think it unlikely that any of them will appreciate if they are driven. It seems to me that the older cars achieving big asking prices are garage queens on 20-40k miles at most. Anything bought and driven, even if only 5k miles per year, doesn’t seem to achieve the value uplift.
No expert here either but, having watched a lot of TV programs in lockdown about car restoration/sales (can highly recommend 'Legendary Motor Car' on Prime), one thing is certain - very few cars are an investment.

As has been intimated already, to stand any chance whatsoever of making any money, your chosen car will need to have never been crashed (obviously), hardly been driven, be 'as new' inside and out and will need to have original EVERYTHING, including any and all documentation that ever related to the car.

Its all obvious I guess, but if any of those things is questionable then you'll be losing money instantly.

It does beg the question - Where's the fun in buying a car if all you're going to do is worry about its future value? You'd be better of buying two cars the same, drive and enjoy one and turn the other one into the garage queen.....
Im only up the road if you want I'll take you out in my PPP ,Drive wise there is no difference between 507 and the ppp imo
How much appreciation can you get from these cars? It's only if there is a buyer at the end of it and I'm not sure these have the cult following of say a porsche 993 or even e46. my personal view is get a standard/ PPP, and invest the difference in a decent fund. You won't have to live in fear

Depends on your personal circumstances though as you may already have other diversified investments
I've had a PPP car and 2 507s.

I'd get a 507 (I've had two of those too).

I think the exclusivity matters and its got all the things that the standard C63 should have had except the wider arches from the BS and LSD from factory (merc making $$$).

I think you have to think about it from the use point of view. Do you intend to daily it? Do you want it as a weekend car. It might change your choice.

The PPP was my daily. The first 507 was my daily. The 507 I have now is a vanity car in the garage.
I hope its being considered, that this is one of the last big NA engines from MB and even in current times gets nothing from praise. This will only age better with time, as the good examples dwindle down over the next years. With the market changing to turbo and now electric, certain cars will be remembered I think rare C63 W204s have a chance.

I would be considering low mileage examples I.e. under 20k and will be averaging 10-15k miles over 10 years or so.

Idea would be to have it around the 40k mark in 10 years time.

That age and mileage of an E46 M3 (never mind CSL) command strong money, why should this be any different? CSLs are in another league, you could argue those are on par with a 507 variant wise.
I can only give you my opinion. I bought a standard C63 in 2015, the car was two years old. I liked it but never really liked it that much to keep it because what I really wanted was the 507.
But these were far too expensive and I was after a saloon only and not many about then, and far fewer around now.
Anyway I bought a 507 saloon recently. Yes it feels very special. Very unique.
If you are talking about value I have been offered almost double to what I paid for it.
values have gone up and will continue. Would not be surprised that as the black series touches £200k the 507 reaches a £100k plus.
I think most under 20k miles are long gone by now
My 507 Coupe has a host of extras courtesy of the first owner, plus a Quaife Diff as he forgot to tick that box so I had one installed. I know my car is worth what I paid for it, just under £40K, 3 years ago and have turned down offers of the same money in the past few months. My car has just over 40K on the clock now and still feels tight and I enjoy driving it whenever I can so the mileage will continue to go up around 4-5K per year. I have no idea what the car will be worth when I eventually sell it (many years from now hopefully) and am just enjoying the ownership experience and meeting folks on here and the FB C63 group when I can.

One thing I do agree with that has been posted here is the service history must by 100% on a 507 and fully recorded on the MB STAR system. My car had a service at a recognised Indie just before I bought it and that included discs and pads and it is recorded on the STAR system as they subscribe to it. Since then it is MB Dealer only by me. as I want to maintain the value if they continue to appreciate as they have done in the last 12 months.
Some cars need specialist knowledge to service, like for example the valve clearances on a BMW S54 engine. The C63 is just fluid and filter changes, it's dead easy to maintain. I've seen more horror stories of oil caps being left off, wrong oil used etc from main dealers than I have independent Mercedes specialists....
Some cars need specialist knowledge to service, like for example the valve clearances on a BMW S54 engine. The C63 is just fluid and filter changes, it's dead easy to maintain. I've seen more horror stories of oil caps being left off, wrong oil used etc from main dealers than I have independent Mercedes specialists....
I'm completely with you, but for the collector willing to pay the big money for nice examples at the end, this is what they look for. Probably because they know nothing technical at the engineering level about the car itself!
Mines is under 10,000 miles there must still be a few really low miles nice cars around I’ve been offered good money for mine but
not ready to sell just yet
Side note since you mentioned it in your criteria - the coupe was only introduced at the facelift, so all coupes are facelift.

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