Convertible Roof Straps.

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Hi, Having read cole@MBS about convertible roofs, being done manually, in his instructions he states that you need two straps to do this operation, found with the tools in the boot, alas i do not have any, what is the proper name for these straps and where can you buy them, i hope i done't need to find out but it would be handy to have some, just in case.

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Many thanks.
Hi Tanuie.
Can't remember exactly but I think these are two short straps that are used to go around the rear deck hinges to pull it back before raising it.
99% sure that a couple of short bungee cords would do the trick and be easier.
Hi Ted, thank you for your answer, do you mean elasticated short straps.
Yes. I think the originals are a synthetic rubber, but the short bungee cords should do fine.
I've never actually done it but iirc you unclip the covers over the hinges, then put the straps around the hinges and pull slowly up and back against a little hydraulic pressure (even though you release a valve to allow the oil to flow freely.)

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