Coolant Leak on C43

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Jun 2, 2002
C43..SLK 230..C180..Brabus 4/2 Smart
Hi All, I need a bit of help on a small coolant leak on my c43 please if anyone can help. The leak is coming from something that has two rubber pipes going in the bottom side & two steal pipes going in the top. Its about 4-1/2 x 2-1/2 x 3 and looks simular to a heat sink but with smaller fins. Its located on the drivers side just above the undertray & behind the front foglamp area. I have done a search on here and spoken with the indie i use and we cant find out for sure what it is or does without me taking it in for an inspection. Any ideas or can tell me what it is etc.

Blimey That was quick. Thanks. Any idea what sort of price it will be
Found this same part on mine and thought it was something to do with the engine conversion.

As it turns out its the gearbox oil cooler, the engine oil cooler is mounted on the engine block. The two metal lines carry the oil and the rubber hoses carry the water from the coolant system.

Most Mercedes have the cooler built into the radiator but for some reason probably related to space and the extra heat from the motor and box they fitted a seperate unit to the C43.

Best to get it sorted quickly as its a vital part of your engine cooling system as well as the gearbox.
Thanks for the quick reply's .i'll get her booked in first thing tomorrow .


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