Coolant System No Flow!


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May 22, 2011
2004 Mercedes E270CDI Elegance Saloon, 2004 C200 Kompressor Estate Avantgarde SE Sport Pack
Installed a KME Diego G3 LPG System on my C200 a few months ago and it was fine until yesterday when the vapouriser was sitting about 20c, it usually sits about 70c when the engine is idling on gas and there isn't much load.

So I disconnected the pipes to the vapouriser and there no flow.

The pipe is 10mm internal diameter as that's what my BiGas RI21 Vapouriser takes.

I've tried sucking and blowing both pipes, one end is tee'd in right next to the water pump and because the duo-valves the other end is where the heater matrix is supplied at the back of the engine through the bulkhead and it's worked the past few months fine and the temperature hasn't change substancially.

The heater is still hot, the car doesn't overheat and the electric aux pump and water pump are clearly working fine along with a recent thermostat, any ideas?

I've tried connecting pump to suck gearbox oils etc, but when I suck it's very hard to pull and just creates a vaccum effect on the plunder when I push air in either way there's bubbles in the expansion tank so no blockages.

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