Coolant temp gauge fault- '05 diesel A Class

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Jun 27, 2008
SLK 200 Kompressor (plus wife's 2006 A class)
An amber coloured symbol, like a sideways view of an engine, has suddenly appeared in my wife's rev counter, and my reading of the owner's manual seems to point to coolant temperature gauge failure, if I understand it correctly. Can anyone offer advice or comment from their experience, or maybe even say where the gauge is, so that I can check that the cable connection is okay? Needless to say,the car is a couple of months out of warranty! (In fairness, this is the very first fault, in 60,000 miles.) I suppose that if this sensor has failed, the CPU will be deprived of some of the info it needs to work right, and that it is important to get to the root of this fault symbol. Very grateful for any help! :confused:
Thats the engine warning light.

You need to get the codes read really
Thanks for the helpful comment. Can the car continue to be driven meantime, or is there a risk of causing serious damage? (I was in Portsmouth yesterday, incidentally, having returned from Bilbao on the P&O ferry- pity I wasn't able to consult you then, because I'm not likely to be down your way again for a few months :mad:)

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