coomand satnav is quiet

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Oct 28, 2012
2017 GLC220 4MATIC
Hey people

Used the command satnav today in my C220 and realised the satnav itself is quiet even though it turns the music down to tell me the direction

I looked threw the setting but could not see anything obvious
Turn the sound up while she is giving directions.
I think it can also be done from within one of the menus when nav is selected.
Turn up the sound while the voice is speaking. Simple as that
The music is loud and the directions is like a mouse talking lol

I'll try that I thought if the music was loud the satnav would be too
No, the volumes adjust individually. When just the music is on, adjust the volume of that to what you want. Then when herself is giving you directions, adjust her volume up to the desired level!
If you can't wait until she speaks, just press the volume knob and she'll repeat the last instruction.

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