Cordless Drill: Makita vs DeWalt

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Jan 10, 2012
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Right way off topic but I am looking for a new drill.

I have a powerful corded drill at the moment but need a cordless one.

I am only going to use it now and again for small home DIY projects so nothing massive however I do want a half decent one.
To start with I was just going to get a Black & Decker one (as not going to use it much) but once you get to the 18V with hammer mode spec it is not much more to get a Makita or DeWalt one.

I have looked at both the DeWalt DC100KA & the Makita 8391DWPETK
They are both 18V and both have hammer mode and 2 batteries (not worried if I only have one). The Makita one costs a bit more but comes with an accessory pack to make up for it.
The spec of them are near enough the same... Which one should I go for?

OR can anyone suggest any un-known or cheaper ones that will do what I need a drill to do?
Again it wont have much use so want something that just works well.

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Get the Makita, DeWalt are poor quality in relation.
Amazingly I have both. The Makita has the edge - it charges much more rapidly. Apart from that, it is only a drill, and unless you rely upon it for a living, you won't notice much difference.
I have an Hitachi and I am very pleased with it - I also have makita and deWalt tools; they are all good brands (Hitachi is the least "professional" but still perfectly good for DIY).

More important than the make (once you are only looking at premium brands) is the battery technology and the Amp/Hour rating.

I would only now buy Li-On drills and batteries - the rest do not compare. And my drill is 3Ah - powerful enough to really last throughout a whole task.

There are still Ni-Cad drills on sale - heaven knows who is buying them; and there are some very low-powered drills on sale, too, presumably to appeal to the budget consious who may not be aware of the impact of having a low spec battery.
Where I work I sell Black and Decker, Hitachi, Matika and Dewalt.

We had a Dewalt (Which is a Black and Decker) back in yesterday as it was broken after 3 weeks, for longevity get Matika
I bought a 10.8 Volt Makita on the basis that it was small, light and easy to use in tight corners. It weighs 0.8 Kg. That 18 Volt Makita weighs 2.3 Kg - try using that up a step ladder!

Nick Froome
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There are still Ni-Cad drills on sale - heaven knows who is buying them
I think you mean NiMH ... it's been illegal to sell NiCd cells in the EU for some time (since 2008 IIRC).
Buy Ni-MH as a minimum battery technology ---Ni Cads are old tech now and suffer too much from memory effects especially if not used /discharged /charged continuously every day. Li Ion is the technology of the future and is the one to go for if you can afford it.
I think you mean NiMH ... it's been illegal to sell NiCd cells in the EU for some time (since 2008 IIRC).

There's still loads of Ni-Cd stuff about, lower end of the market is usually Ni-Cd still.

Saw Dewalt drills in Screwfix with Ni-cd the other day (2012!)
In fact, Makita drill pack in Nick's link above is Ni-Cd too!
I stand corrected! I was sure NiCd cells had been withdrawn from sale (due to the toxicity of cadmium), maybe it's something that was planned but never went ahead. Current NiMH cells are better for most applications anyway :)
My makita's a 12v, but came with a 13mm chuck. It's a really heavy duty piece of kit, but more compact than the 18v drills out there. Based on this drill, I would go for the Makita with the accessories kit
Id go makita, dewalt are only a badged up black and decker anyway and really heavy, the lithium batterys are alot better than the older type, have you looked at hitachi? They were on offer at b and q, once id tryed it i went back for a couple more, pretty hardcore aswell
Sorry for getting in on the band waggon late but I could do the
For £90+vat delivered
We currently have them on offer for £99+vat un delivered but as per my post on selling off here that wouldn't be a mate rate deal.
DeWalt are owned by the Black & Decker corp or rather if you want to be correct Stanley Tools.
They are not rebadged B&D and their drills are not that bad.
They are however not cheap.


I have the Makita 8391DWPETK too and have found it to be a great drill. There always seems to be plenty of life in the battery even though it doesn't get much use and as mentioned by Charles Morgan the batteries do charge very quickly.
I would spend a bit more and go for li-ion batteries.
Have a look at this AEG with 2 x 3.0Ah batteries.
I once picked up a Makita Li-ion 18v (bottom of their range) with 1 x 3.0Ah battery for £99+VAT.
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i purchased a dewalt 14.4 drill with 3 batteries approx 6 years ago 2 batteries are still good and the drill is excellent i was a pcv mechanic when i purchased it so its had a lot of use in my opinion dewalt is excellent

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