Correct torque for wheel bolts?

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Feb 28, 2017
North Cambridgeshire
C-Class 200 Sport Premium
C Class 200 Sport 2017

Anyone know how tight to do the wheel bolts up please?
Usually 110Nm but check, it will be listed in your owner's handbook and possibly on the tyre pressure label on the fuel filler flap
Don't know for your specific model but MB's are usually either 110Nm or 130Nm. It should be in the handbook.
As above, check the handbook. We have 3 MBs and the torque settings vary, but 110 and 130 Nm are common.
15 stone does mine :D
As tight as you can get them using the supplied equipment.

Yes the torque setting is in the handbook, but who carries a torque wrench for those occasions when you have to change a wheel at the side of the road at the beginning of a 500 mile journey?
110Nm for M12 bolts, 130Nm for M14 bolts.

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