Cosworth wheels??

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They are not 'Cosworth' wheels, they are known as sportline wheels but I think they are officially called 'Sport light' wheels. They were used on various models back in the 80's, including the 190e 16v's.

My S-Class has a set.
I doubt the designers were thinking about Cosworth 4 valve cyl/head port shapes but maybe they were fans of the DFV engine. Can't remember if those wheels have an 'official' name* (like 8 hole designs being called Alamak) but they're normally just refered to as '15 hole'.

* Earlier versions of 15 hole alloys from the 107/123/126 era were known as Bundt, Mexican hats or maybe even Fuchs (after Otto Fuchs/Fuchsflege the origional if not the only manufacturer/supplier) in some circles although that's maybe more common with Porsche wheels, specifically the origional 5 spoke design dating back to the '60s
the cosworth "flat face" wheels design was available for the w201, w124, w126, w107 and the w129 but the so called cosworth wheels only came in 7Jx 15 ET 44!
The German name for the 15 hole design (like many of that period) is Gullideckel, which is drain cover in English.
I know "Cosworth" is wrong, hence the "".

All good info.
I wasn't having a dig, simply trying to help and explain about the forged oval hole sportline wheels and that they were fitted to many models in various offsets. :thumb:

They were available on all W201 models as an option but standard on the sportlines and 16V models in ET44 guise.

They are much lighter than the square hole 6.5j 15 hole cast alloys which were available on the W201 also.
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I found this while researching a Body paint code for my 124-4-Matic.

Do not take this as gospel and rush out spend your hard earned cash on paint. It may help somebody.

15 Hole Paint Code = (7)181 Atlas Grey

The (7) is used when ordering direct from Mercedes.
Out of interest, do the "Cosworth" 7Jx 15 ET 44 wheels fit a standard S or W124?
Are there any genuine 16" wheels for the 2.3/2.5-16?
The 502 2.5-16 Evo I's made used 8J x16, ET34 R129 wheels with the part # 1294000102.

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