Could someone check their EML light for me?

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Nov 14, 2019
CLK 350 Sport
Hi everyone,

I have an issue with my CLK 350 W209 in that when I turn on the ignition the EML (Engine Management Light) does not illuminate and then go out like it has done on my other cars. Before I begin to investigate could someone reassure me that the EML light should illuminate for a while when the key it turned to position 1?

This is my first Mercedes and I would like to make sure it is not a "quirk" of the car. Obviously being a 2005 350 V6 I am waiting fro the dreaded Balance Shaft Issues and I believe the EML light is a sign (amongst a lot of other things). At present I am scanning once a week with OBDII.

If it is wrong and has failed/been tampered with anyone have any suggestions as to how/who to use for a fix?


It does come on with the ignition and I believe it may have to for MOT (much like the airbag one). I have a 2009 CLK350 as I was too scared of balance shaft issue and figured I'd rather pay the additonal road tax as it will be cheaper than that repair. Best of luck.
Thanks Blobsta, I assumed that was the case. Just got to find someone to fix it now!
You need a couple of little hooks to remove the clocks which is a Mercedes special tool, it may be as simple as replacing a bulb. Tools are here Genuine Mercedes-Benz Instrument Cluster Removal Pulling Hooks Tool | eBay (possibly cheaper from MB or elsewhere) but I dare say you can make something similar if you want to. I bought some years ago and they get a lot of use for different jobs so they were worth whatever I paid for them I'm sure.
EML bulb comes on for a short period for sure.

I thought the instrument clusters on these did not have serviceable bulbs and had LED’s.

you could give these guys a ring and get some advice and they may be able to repair it for you.
It's sometimes possible to remove the cluster without tools by reaching up behind it and pushing it out. You may need to twiddle the steering wheel position and adjustment.
Please keep us updated on the progress as I too have bulbs out/missing on my dash

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Shows how to remove with a coat hanger. If you need to send it off for repair, I am sure they will give you instructions.

I had to remove one from a e class but that was some time ago. It was quite easy to remove.
Is the car new to you? If so I'm afraid it's quite likely the EML has been intentionally disabled to hide a fault that was too expensive to fix. It's an MOT fail if the light doesn't come on with the ignition (and then go out after starting the engine).

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