Could This Be A scam?

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Mar 11, 2013
South Bucks
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Message on a general Q&A forum I use (text only; no images):

"Hello, Nice to meet you. A friend of mine introduced me to XXXXXX. I have been observing some comments lately and I find you very interesting and clever looking so charming and beautiful I guess, ha. I will be glad if only you can appreciate my special time. Please do me a favor and follow me back. I hope it is enough to ask."​

What could possibly go wrong.? The sender gave the name of REMOVED so rather than reply I Googled it. If you're upset by hardcore porn, don't Google it yourself.

You did, didn't you... I did warn you. I'm sure I could 'appreciate' some 'special time', but I think that may not be his/her/it's (it could just be an AI bot) real name, so I think I'll give it a miss....
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Mrs S gets a bit of the "I find you very interesting and clever looking so charming and beautiful" guff on Farcebook.
She says she can't decide if the World is full of genuine sad and lonely people, or total wierdo creeps.
I like to point out to her that there are also genuinely perfect, warm, caring human beings - look at the person she married 😇🤪

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