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peter miller

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Aug 15, 2008
I have just purchased a 2000 CLK320 convertible earlier this week with the intentions of fitting a towbar for caravanning, It was a private purchase and I am very happy with what I payed but, after having a good look I noticed dripping under the car when running and with the heater fan on.
It is a constant dripping which stops once the fan is shut off. There is no evidence of steam, and when crawling aroud in the footwell I can just see a trickle runing down the inside of the bulkhead onto the carpet. I have noticed some staining on the carpet which suggest this has been happening for a while.

First question is am I correct in assuming it is a either the heater matrix or a connection or pipe in that area or is there another component in this area that maybe at fault, and if so could this be time consuming job. I am quite good with genereal maintainance but it is my first Merc and if it requires removal of the dash maybe I should hand it over to someone with experience.

Which brings me onto my next question, The car is also due a service so I may ask the garage to take a look at the same time. There are two local independants I have found out about but was hoping for any recommendations, Firstly Stuttgart Garage in Pontypridd, also MB Specialists in Bridgend, who already have a couple of stamps in my service book.

Any 1st hand experience of either of these garages would be much appreciated as reading about peoples experiences on here I have no intentions of giving it to a main dealer and asking them to fix it.

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Sounds as if the drain channels from your heater/air/con are partially blocked or leaking? Might not be to difficult to check out/repair for an aircon specialist familiar with your model.

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