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May 21, 2003
G55 AMG Kompressor
Nearly a year on and with a thread that has 9500 replies on it. its clear that is the same arguments/debates getting knocked from one side to the other and isnt progressing any further.

As ive said before, the forum has become too focused on Off Topic recently with a hell of alot of negativity. This has caused a number of (long term) users to leave the site as a result, who have confirmed this with us directly.

This thread will now be closed, this is not an infringement of your 'free speech' or censorship, this forum is privately run and closing it helps us keep the peace in the long run. The internet is full of Covid stories, facts, conspiracy stories enough without this place just becoming a venting ground for the same.

Please respect this desision, Check out the rest of the forum, help out a new member, read the threads about the latest Mercedes models/EVs which we all will be driving within the next 10-15 years, show off your car and not use this place as a venting/moaning outlet!

Thanks :)
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