CPU Useage?

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Jun 21, 2004
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When I start my PC and all appears to be up and running, the CPU is going bananas, so I look in windows task manager and the useage is around 80 or 90% used by Systen Idle Process. Anyone any ideas what could be running and how do I either speed up the process of get rid of some of it. The PC take over 5 minutes to work correctly and its a pain when it needs to reboot after an installation.
System Idle Process doesn't "use" CPU, it is used by task manager to work out what the real processes are using.

If you click on the CPU column it will sort the processes by CPU % and you will be able to see what other processes are using the 10-20% not accounted for by idle. That might give you an idea what's slowing things up (as they may be using memory and/or disk I/O at the same time).
I suspect the most likely issue is a lack of RAM.
In task manager see how much RAM is being used.
If it is more than the physical RAM installed in the machine then the machine will be paging.
This is what windows does when it runs out of RAM. It uses disk space as RAM the only draw back to this is that the drive is about 1000 times slower than real RAM so the machine appears very sluggish.
Avoid installing a lot of programs that are started when windows start as each of these will be using some memory and CPU usage.
If you are using more RAM than is installed then just add more RAM or reduce the apps that are swallowing it up.
my home machine was getting slower and slower.

I did a 'proper' defrag (not the rubbish thing that comes with windows, get one off download.com). And a registry cleaner. And a spyware cleaner or three..

THEN get more ram. I thought mine was apalling until I did this - its like a whole new machine now! And I decided not to bother with more ram.. 700Mb is fine on a 2 gig(ish) thingy
Is your anti-virus software set to do a full scan on start up. My company laptop is and the experience is just as you describe.

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