Cracks On Rear Prop Shaft Coupling

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Mike Edwards

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Mar 4, 2013
'05 CLK 320 C209
Having only just bought my 2005 CLK 320 Auto I thought I would phone round the companies that have serviced the car before to check what had been done, or not, and see if there had been any advisories or other observations of note.

It's just had the oil change for the automatic transmission at 71k which is good but it hasn't had the spark plugs changed. It appears to have missed the 50k/2010 A service completely and the place that did the 61k/2011 & 71k/2012 confirmed the plugs hadn't been done.

As it has only just hit 75k I'm not too worried but there was an advisory from the last service saying they had noticed 'cracks/splits on rear prop shaft coupling'.

It's due a B service in around 6k but I wondered whether these cracks needed investigating before then?

I think the plugs should have been done at 60k although they could have been done outside of the service schedule but there is no record of it. Is it easy to see just by looking at the plugs or should I do them as a precaution just to be on the safe side? What is the down side of leaving it to the next service or beyond?
Although cracks in the coupling are signs of wear, it does not mean its going to totally fail just yet. Maybe get a second opinion, or post some photographs?
Not even sure what I'd be looking for. Need to get the wheel alignment and tracking done so might get someone to check at the same time.
I would have a look at it before deciding if it needs replacement.

Cracks in rubber components is a great money spinner for service agents.
How can I find out what I am supposed to be looking for? Fairly competent mechanically but only worked on motorbikes until now.
When it's on the lift, take a look. If it's falling apart (it won't be), it will be obvious.

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