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    Prospect of another week in the workplace too horrible to contemplate?

    Console yourself with nominations for the above book, published 7 October

    My worst ever job was a wonderful month as a temp working for a large car maker in Essex. The department head was a chronic alcoholic, the two managers were close to retirement and demob happy, I was filling in for a guy who had suffered a heart attack (soon found out why: he seemed to have been doing most things) and everyone else seemed to be prime examples of hate filled Essex Man, each one trying to gain some petty advantage over the other whilst dossing the day out.

    Alcoholic department head, when capable of speech, spent much time ranting at people for failing to do things he had forgotten to tell them about. Managers & others played on this by deliberately not doing things he had asked them to do: he simply could not remember what he had done through the alcohol haze.

    But there is some justice in life. BIG BIG BOSS gets so annoyed about continued failure to deliver reports etc. that he gets on a plane to find out WTF is going on. I am the only one in the office when he and gang of worried local Execs. turn up at 3.00pm on a Friday afternoon. Rest are propping the bar up with Departmental Head.

    Oh, such joy at being sent down to the boozer to fetch them back to the office...:D :D :D

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