Creaking Noises on a S Class

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May 31, 2008
Hey there all,

On my w221 S320cdi there is a lot of "dashboard noise." The best way I can describe it is that there are a lot of creaking noises which are audible especially when going over a small bump or turning a corner. I can't seem to localise the sound, but it's definately coming from the front of the car! (and from more than one point so it seems)

Is this a known problem with the S's? The ride is good, but silent it is not.

I am very hesitant to take it into the garage as it seems whenever I get them to look at something; they just make things worse. I can easily see them taking apart the dash/trim and not reconstructing it properly only for me to be left with more trim/dashboard creakiness.

I had a similar problem with my BMW with the window seals creaking. It must've gone into the garage 20 times and never once did the creaky noises go away; infact the noise got worse as the trim started creaking (obviosuly from the "work" they had done to take it apart)

What do you guys suggest? A letter to mercedes head office registering my concerns about the service so far and my hesitations to get a dealer to diagnose where the creaking noises are coming from incase they make it worse?
A lot of creaking noises sounds odd. The speedo LCD is known to make some noise on early W2211 cars initially when it first warms up (and expands a bit). There is a cure for this but it isn't too bad and it is only once in a while when you start driving, I haven't had it fixed from my car.

Some other known sources are door storage compartment cover hinge and the storage compartment cover lock at the front of the seat but I've never noticed noises from those in my car.

It may also be difficult to identify where the noise actually comes. Better to check sunglasses at OCP storage bin, any stuff at the centre control storage area as well as the doors.
Thanks DieselBenz, I'll have a look at those things, but one part of the noise I'm describing is definately the leather/plastic of the dash rubbing against something else. Next time you drive your w221, try moving around the dashboard covering (sorry I know of no other way to decsribe this) You know the leather thing that sticks out with the spedo etc under it:p

It's almost as if the dashboard and the front windhield are rubbing against each other.

How loud is the creaking, and is it more or less noticeable when cornering? My S Class creaks when cornering, and that also sounded in the dash area, however on further investigation I found it was the seat rubbing against the centre consul. Noises in cars can be a nightmare to track down, best of luck solving yours.

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