Cruise, Trackday and karting in France

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Feb 26, 2008
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Not my party, but there's 9 people, 4 from this forum, planning to have a boys jolly into France mid September for 4 days. Its primarily a civilised cruise down to the Cognac region, with no intentions of upsetting the local Gendarmerie en route, enjoying the food and wine as allowed, staying in Jalnac at a British owned hotel for 4 nights, whom the organiser of this trip knows, and 4 of the group experienced last year, basically that 4 did the proposed itinerary here, bar one item which is on the PM of the 16th.

Depart early via Tunnel Sunday 13th September, travel to Congac, with stops for sights and lunch en route etc, arrive late afternoon at Jalnac based hotel, evening dinner, drink and banter.

Monday 14th, chill and tour the local sights, lunch and drink as allowed.

Tuesday 15th, depart hotel early to arrive at The La Genetouze race circuit, we have secured the track solely for our track day use, currently only 9 of us, so loads of space.

Wednesday 16th, chill in the morning, Pm return to The La Genetouze race circuit, for full afternoon competition karting, on their 1500m karting circuit.

Thursday 17th, depart from Hotel and cruise back to tunnel, with lunch, arrive home in UK early evening.

Between all the stops and starts, fine food and wine is to be consumed, and generally a civilised 4 days.

Car's currently confirmed, Porsche 911, CLK 63 Black series, W210 55K, SL55, Jaguar XF, SL55, BMW 335, Porsche RS GT3, W211 E55

Be thinking total cost around the £1500 mark, this is what the 4 guys spent last year, and we have the karting this time round, all to include Tunnel, Hotel, Trackday, Karting competition, and food and drink, and our estimated £500 of fuel. The euro is currently very kind to us here in the UK, so there potentially maybe be a few minor saving on the costs quoted here.

Whilst I have spoken with a few known people to me regards this trip, it was a little way off at the time, should anyone be interested in this trip, please get back to me with an questions you may have, we were hoping to go with 11-12 people, but happy to go with the 9 we currently have, should there be no additional interest here.



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