Crying over spilled milk !

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John Peerce

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Oct 9, 2003
London, UK
Two days ago, back from a Tesco trip, i noticed that the milk container was leaking as i was unloading the shopping, and about one cupful of milk was already spilled on the "carpet" on the boot. So I used some kitchen towls to dry it up. Next evening, i noticed a rotten milk smell developing in the boot, so out comes the sponge and bucket with soap gave the carpet a good scrubbing.

Today, the smell was still there, and has seeped into the rest of the car. Todays hot weather seems to have made it worse. Intially i thought that this was my fault becuase i didnt dry the carpet properly overnight after scrubbing. So I left the boot open, and its pretty dry now, but the smell just wont go away, an awfull smell of bad milk that lingers in the nostrills.

Has any one here had experience of how best to remove and get rid of this smell ? perhaps someone had spilled baby milk etc and has similar experience ?
Spoke to my wife who knows about such things and she said we are all pathetic men who know nothing.

Answer is a strong solution of ye olde biological washing powder with lots of nasty enzymes. Breaks down the stuff causing the problem. Make sure it soaks in well, scrub, leave overnight rinse well, wash again leave & rinse very well! Leave it out of the car to dry for a couple of days.

Any lingering whiff can be killed off with hydogen peroxide solution, but make sure it will not bleach carpet!
FaBreeze (sp?) is the don when it comes to this, spray on a whole bottle
Febreeze also do an "extra" version which is even better - but milk is a total pig as the smell does ingrain. I had this happen to me several years ago when I was young and stupid :D I thought mopping it up with towels would do and wondered why my little mini 850 stank to high heaven :D yuck. Stuff like Febreeze didn't exist and it took masses of hot soapy water to wash it all out.
it happened to me once too. A trip to the car`valeters sorted it out - they regularly remove such smells along with baby sick etc. they use steam & strong detergents i think
Thanks for all the speedy replies.

I am now going to have a "systematic" go at this: first using bio washing powder as suggested, if that doesn’t work then Fabreeze, if not the peroxide solution. I guess a professional valet might save me all this hassle and sort this quickly, but then again I am the type of person who spends 3 hours trying to set a new VCR before finally giving up and reading the operating manual !

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