CSL 320CDI AMG edition

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Aug 15, 2013
Just bought a 2009 CSL 320CDI AMG edition in designo platinum black.
Has airmatic, designo interior, memery cooled seats, comand, sunroof, Harman Kardon.

This is my 3rd 6 cylinder Mercedes. First was a E240 that oxidised in front of my eyes, interior was a nice place to be in. Second was a C350CDI that went well, but had awful Audiesque suspension (all springs and underdamped). This is number 3, so I hope I'm lucky with this one :thumb:

Photos soon.
Also has the xenons headlights with curve following function and self-closing boot.
Checked the tyres and found them all over, some under, one over.
Filled up with Shell VPower and some Millers diesel additive.

Needs a good clean inside and out.
I'll get the DA polisher on it when I get the chance.

Found that the lead that came with the car for the UCI doesn't talk to my IP6 at all. There is aux, but no control or information passed to the headunit. Not sure if NTG2.5 does this though. I know NTG4.5 does.
Went to work in it today, oh so smooth. Had it in comfort mode, found it too floaty so tried it in sport 1, just about right. Doesn't isolate the bigger bumps/potholes though. I think that may be due to the 19" wheels & tyres.

Drove this evening, really like the soft backlighting of the instruments.

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