Curfews for young children


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Sep 15, 2004
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I have just had a small chuckle when I heard on our local news that young children will have to be off the streets by a set time in one town in Cornwall!

A PIONEERING night curfew is to be introduced in Redruth later this month as community leaders try to build on the good work already done to reduce anti social behaviour in the town.
Operation Goodnight will ask parents to ensure their 16-year-olds are off the streets by 9pm and under 10s are at home by 8pm in the Close Hill area.
The aim is to reduce the risk of them becoming victims of crime or being offenders themselves.
The voluntary scheme, which will run from Friday, July 25, until Sunday, September 7, is being introduced by Redruth's neighbourhood police team working with the support of other agencies and residents.
Neighbourhood beat manager PC Marc Griffin said: “For many months, residents who have attended the Partners and Communities Together meetings have expressed concern over ongoing reports of children as young as eight being out, unsupervised, late into the night.


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Feb 26, 2007
it is a good step but will it not affect those who just want to be law abiding and have a good time?
I believe the good ones are in the majority.
Most will be in their houses anyway, but if they just happen to be outside for a good reason, i hope the penalty will not be another hefty fine, because that for me is a complete no no.

i mean 16 year old could be coming back from work training. e.t.c.
i would like to find out more about the whole scheme but it seems a good step to me if implemented properly.
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Aug 26, 2007
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Its a voluntary scheme running for about 6 weeks.

In my opinion, nothing more than a gimmick and will prove or solve nothing.

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