Curious icons on display - B class

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Mar 12, 2006
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One of my colleagues runs a B180 and asked me yesterday about the "three little bags" that had come up on the display. Not knowing what she was on about, I had a look and I'm still none the wiser. It's the three icons above the km/h reading on the screenshot below. Can anyone enlighten me/her as to what they represent?



Icon looks nothing like the one in the first post to me? I get the seat belt warning icon but it is only for the front seats and the icon is like in your link.

in the 212 i had at the weekend , it had these icons on the dash and im sure one of them filled in when i had a rear passenger.

Only way we will find out is if the OP gets someone to sit in the back maybe on the outer sides to see if they fill in.
^ that could be right

As my picture above was when we stopped after getting home from a Loooong trip.

Now so far only one little one, so only one seatbelt should have been lit up....however the car was loaded up and I use the seatbelts to strap a bag or similar the car must have thought two rear passengers :)

Didn't use the middle belt so thats it :)

Rear seat belt sensor.... :) :)
Thanks everyone.

The photo is one I found on an advert - it's actually from an A class so it's not specific to the B. Rear seats makes sense and also explains why I've never seen this come up on the SLK's display :)

I don't know why it has only come up recently on her display, 99% of the time it is only her in the car as far as I know, perhaps she carried some rear seat passengers recently that made it kick into life. I will try resetting it to clear it.

Thanks again - the knowledge and helpfulness of the forum never ceases to amaze me.. :bannana::bannana::bannana:'s all round..


I can confirm that it relates to rear passenger seatbelts/occupancy.

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