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Sep 17, 2014
Hello moderators,I am unable to post a new thread in anything other than General or off topic.
This is rather frustrating as I am trying to offer the forum bespoke small batches of exhaust parts( if there is any interest of course). As some might know we do not often do automotive systems as our core work is aircraft components however we remain Aston Martin's O.E supplier for heritage systems. If the club has an interest in small quantities of bespoke stainless parts to any design please contact me. We made the original elliptical trims for the MGF in the 90's as well as trims for Bentley more recently as well as systems for very nice cars made in the Malvern hills!
After reading of some of the "one offs" that people have done on their cars I feel again I need to throw the hat into the ring if anyone wants or can organise small batches of OE quality parts.
I am not interested in DPF removal as it is illegal and they are installed for health reasons. what you will get is quality parts acceptable for your Mercedes.

All the best

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