'cyclic' warbling noise when turning.

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Sep 1, 2003
C300 AMG Line Premium Plus
I've been a bit cheeky.. this is not a MB specific question :D
but thought it might be a generic symtom across all cars.

Basically when I turn near full lock on my Polo
(usually in a carpark) I get a
cyclic 'hollow' warbling noise from the front wheels*, not really that loud, but I notice it.

Straight ahead or turning normal roads it's not apparent, just in carparks.
Could it be a bearing of some sort?

*front wheel drive too
cv joints?

as a simple test, turn to full lock with wheel in the air - does it feel clicky when turning wheel?

re-pack joint with grease - does it go away / reduce?
could be the car park surface. macdonalds near me makes my car sound like I'm going for a a fourwheel drift even at about 5mph.

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