Cylinder shut-off


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Jul 4, 2011
I have a misfire on 10 11 and 12, so I am going through the fault possibilities, the first being the pre-cat o2 sensor for the rear exhaust bank on that side which has definately gone.
When I had problems with 1 2 and 3 I went through the coil pack (which was faulty) The plugs (which were a dire mixture of different makes) The power supply (which wasnt faulty, and is now a spare), all of these made the car better (got it out of limp home) but the misfire was finally cured by replacing the o2 sensor for those three pots.
I dont particularly think that its the coil pack this time, because it seems to run ok at higher engine speed, and it accelerates like normal.
If the o2 sensor isnt the cause this time, then I want to have a look at disabling the cylinder shut-off valves to see if the rear is at fault.
What I could do with is a quick test to disable them without taking it to the local dealers, because the nearest is a sixty mile round trip.
So could it be a matter of pulling a plug out of the valves, or is it a STAR job?
We were getting rid of the car, but managed to talk the missus out of it after we drove in an Audi A8 :eek:.

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