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Jan 3, 2013
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New Independent opening in Coventry, taken over the old Vauxhall dealership. They have a branch in Lincoln although MB not covered there. Anyone used them at either place?

I will still use Jay for my Merc but this place covers VAG/MB/LR/Vauxhall/BMW claiming to have dealer level diagnostics for each so could be handy for our other cars as there is not reputable VAG specialist locally that I know off, nor BMW for that matter



Interestingly they seem to do service plans that you can cancel at any time and finance on repairs to help spread the cost
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Just to update, a friend of mine had a DPF problem on his A4 and they managed to force regen it after carrying out a diagnostic. He was very impressed with their service and professionalism.

I am taking our VAG their next week to see what the rattle is, let's see how they do.

Took the Cupra TDI in and explained what noise it was making, my suspicion was worn camshaft/lifters. Car was diagnosed with worn camshaft, lifters so had it all done with new cambelt and water pump too. Took a little longer than anticipated but I was kept up to date constantly via phone and told them not to rush it.

I got the wheel alignment thrown in (Hunter) and a vehicle inspection pulled up no extra work required.

Car is now driving perfectly, quieter, smoother and pulls better.Cannot fault their work and subsequently have booked in a family member's car next week for a major service and cambelt.

If they are as good on Mercs as they are on VAG then could be helpful for some, although I will still use Jay when I need work on the Merc.

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