Daily Drive-20mpg AMG or 50mpg Diesel?

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Aug 18, 2013
East Riding/Germany/Denmark
CL 63 Biturbo 2014 - S63L 2010 - CLS Weistec MSL Monster (RIP)
Let's see who drives what as their daily car :crazy:

Reasons why and reasons why not :cool:

I'll start:

CLS55 AMG - I commute to and from North Germany every fortnight so love the freedom of power and speed without the worry of being blitzed or pulled over.
Fuel is something that doesn't bother me as claim against tax.
previous car was Audi A8 TDi and also good power/torque but nothing even close to the AMG
3.9 V8I Discovery. 10mpg,, Changing to a diesel to free up cash to build business base in US. :D
I have cdi 220 c class ...50mpg and BMW 335i m sport convertible ....26 mpg Merc daily driver and BMW special occasions / weekends. That was the idea but I mostly just use the merc. I think you get used to any level of power if you use it every day. Lets be fair its mostly normal traffic speed for us all 99% of the time.
I am lucky enough to have a third car....a smart brabus roadster and I get more driving fun from that than anything I have ever owned, its a car that you can drive flat out, something that is a rare thing to do in many cars. 60 mph feels like 100 and well 100 mph feels mental.
if I had to choose one car out of the three for a trip in the Alps, it would definitely be the Smart. Oh and 50 mpg is easily avhieved from the 700 cc turbo.
Each to there own
Cheers All
3.9 V8I Discovery. 10mpg,, Changing to a diesel to free up cash to build business base in US. :D

Blimey....even G's do better than that..............I think:D
C63 as my daily........go all over in it for work.....not the comfiest car but I love every drive in it!
Mostly use the Panda during the week, the SLK is a weekend toy. Panda is 1.4/100BHP, Merc 5.4/360BHP.

It's possible to squeeze 40MPG out of the Panda on a trip, but around town the fuel consumption isn't wonderful.. 25/26.

The Merc will do 25MPG on a run (at a somewhat higher average speed than the Panda :devil:) but drops down to 16/17 in town. I think that's not too bad considering the engine is nearly 4 times the size of the Panda..


I need a large estate car and am on my 3rd E Class (2xS211, 1xS212).

I love every mile in the E63 and my man maths always makes it a viable daily drive.

Therefore (IMO) it's about as complete a car as you can get.

Fast wagons rule :thumb:.
E55k - 18mpg if I'm being very good. Use it daily for my 16-mile commute. Rather more comfortable than the bus or train, and smells nicer.
Up until a couple of weeks ago, I used the 420 daily. 21ish mpg av per tank. usually only 40 miles a day or leave it at the airport for a bit of a rest depending what I was doing.

I usually have a big old Lux barge for the daily as I like the luxury for traffic plus a big engine for the go! At the weekends its usually something rather more light and fun but likes to drink.

I have had diesel and petrol 4x4's but never really felt the need for it in a car and don't honestly think I could pay my own money for one unless its a smooth old school 6pot.

Worst thing we had on the road was a very old Dodge pick up truck (I learnt to drive in it) 8 mpg! Will try and find a photo of that, what a nail!
Daily Drive 2013 Vito, as I can do anything from 40000 - 50000 miles a year + need the space for all my tools.

I've had this van for 9 months now and I'm already up to just over 37000 miles.

I too offset my fuel from the tax man, but even if I didn't need the space in the back, I don't think I could put all those miles on my E63, I'll just keep it for holidays + weekend.
Just sold my Outback which was more of a winter car, so all I have now is my E63.

I don't really do the miles now, under 5k a year usually, but it's nice to do them in a decent motor. As above, most of my mileage is business so claimable.

Probably buy another 4 x 4 next November again as I don't like to use the Merc in the snow.
For some old reasons to do with our business I've just bought a Saab 9-5 Arc 3 litre TiD estate.
722 miles from first tank, now all the Merc drivers in the family are queuing up to use it, even my wife is leaving the CLK at home tomorrow when she drives to Bristol for her Mums birthday.
CLS55, my only car and used daily. Average 19mpg over 13,000 miles
ML55 - Bought as a weekend toy, but now use everyday. MPG :dk: Don't know, but not as bad as I was expecting :thumb:
MCFastybloke said:
Vw T5 dsg 33mpg
I'm getting 41 from mine but it's not DSG and it's the 140bhp model. Almost 700 miles from a tank before I bottled it. I love this van.
C63 is being used less and less. Averaged 22 from new - at 25k now. It's funny, the less I drive it the more I love it. Familiarity breeds contempt?
My everyday car is a Toyota hybrid that does 55mpg however I drive it (but soon to be replaced by a hybrid Lexus RX) and the SLK is the weekend toy, but still does around 40mpg. :)
Only car I have and runs at around 18mpg with a typical mix of driving. I do 18 miles each way so I just have to remember how much I am not spending getting the train (around £5k).

That's a lot of 99RON petrol and I have considerably more fun than those on the train...!
We drive both AMGs every day.

The C32 AMG is used by me to schlep up and down the motorway to and from work, and it has done it supremely well for almost 9 years. Based on fuel cost alone it's a relatively expensive way to do it but based upon total cost of ownership might not be too bad. It's comfortable, outrageously quick, handsome and best of all subtle.

The ML63 AMG is Mrs D's car and our family car. It's used for 99.9% of journeys with the children, for school, shopping, days out, and just about everything else. My friends call me Judith (Chalmers) because we're always on holiday and it's the ML63 which takes us there, very often with a twin axle caravan in tow and four bikes on the roof! Again there are more efficient ways of doing this, but for one car to be able to do all this and mix it with super cars at the traffic light Grand Prix, then it can be forgiven for liking a drink.

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