DaimlerChrysler Introduces A New Management Model

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grober said:
Here is the latest "MISSION STATEMENT" from Mercedes. You may need to be fluent in "corporate speak" to make sense of it :rolleyes: http://www.emercedesbenz.com/Jan06/24DaimlerIntroducesManagementModel.html
Sorry I should have posted this in "NEWS"

So it says : "Daimler-Chrysler is still two companies with lots of divisions that do not talk to each other. I want to make it one and get rid of lots of surplus management, duplicated central functions and make it one company."

That seems broadly OK to me but the bit that makes me laugh in such grand statements is usually found in the disclaimers, driven by the barking US rules on disclosure for the benefit of those who might later claim to have been too stupid to have worked the very obvious out for themselves. And here it is:

"This document contains forward-looking statements that reflect management's current views with respect to future events. The words „anticipate,“ „assume,“ „believe,“ „estimate,“ „expect,“ „intend,“ „may,“ „plan,“ „project“ and „should“ and similar expressions identify forward-looking statements.

Such statements are subject to risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to:

an economic downturn in Europe or North America;

changes in currency exchange rates, interest rates and in raw material prices;

introduction of competing products; increased sales incentives;

the successful implementation of the CORE program by the Mercedes Car Group

the new business model for smart and

supply interruptions of production materials, resulting from shortages, labor strikes or supplier insolvencies;

the resolution of pending governmental investigations; and decline in resale prices of used vehicles.

If any of these or other risks and uncertainties occur (some of which are described under the heading "Risk Report" in DaimlerChrysler's most recent Annual Report and under the heading "Risk Factors" in DaimlerChrysler’s most recent Annual Report on Form 20-F filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission), or if the assumptions underlying any of these statements prove incorrect, then actual results may be materially different from those expressed or implied by such statements.

We do not intend or assume any obligation to update any forward-looking statement, which speaks only as of the date on which it is made."

Next time you have to set objectives for yourselves try tacking something that on the end and see what happens :D
Those 'safe harbour' statement are standard practice on US companies press releases, and have been for several years.
Shareholders regularly sue companies in class actions and win a few million $ - not much each per share, but companies often settle these actions out of court because of the time they take up. The shareholders have nothing to lose - they lawyers work on no-win no-fee and they soak up much of the damages.

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