Damage free tyre change?

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Aug 28, 2016
C63 Estate Edition 507
What is the safest way to avoid alloy damage when having your tyres changed?

Obviously going somewhere you have been before and not had a problem is one possibility, but is there a superior type of tyre extractor a fitter should be using or technique I should ask if they do?

About to do a 4-tyre change and was a bit wary about the options with some of the online suppliers who use independent or mobile fitters.

I have used Event Tyres mobile service many times. No damage so far and I am very fussy. Failing that our local wheel refurb shop is happy to swap tyres fro a small fee
In my experience; hang around like a bad smell. - I've seen them put the rattle gun away and get their torque wrench out when they noticed me watching them.
My tyre man uses a set of rim protectors that clamp round the outer rim edge. Then he just uses a standard tyre changing machine, never had any damage when having tyres changed.
Don't go to F1 autocentres

Unless you want grease on your headlining and your auto car to be pushed around in Drive and
Not only alloys,I get very concerned about where the trolley jack goes, I've had sills and floor pan damaged in the past
Tyres on the drive have been good as well as the local Costco.
I was informed long ago a decent tyre machine should never mark the alloys, they have nylon guides. It's generally the **** operators with the levers if needed or really old and worn machines.
KwikFit and ATS have in the past marked previously alloys owned by myself and friends. I learnt from that mistake, many many years ago :)

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