Damage to wood trim lacquer

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Jun 24, 2008
2022 Hyundai IONIQ 5 RWD / 2016 Suzuki Vitara AWD
See attached photo... it looks like condensation or haze but it is in fact scratches to the top coat. Someone must have tried cleaning it using the wrong materials.

What's the best way of sorting it, short of buying a second-hand ash tray cover from eBay (which would be my next move if I fail to sort it)?

WD40 makes it visually go away for a while (by filling in the scratches), but over time the WD40 coat is removed and the scratches come back.

Any advice?

Thank you in advance.


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Looks like maybe the previous owner may have placed keys etc there (why I wouldn't know) but doesn't appear to be a cleaning pattern i.e back and forth, looks more random and deeper in depth in places.

If your going to buy various fixes then as you say ebay may be best option but possibly a coat of good clear spray lacquer may work like a permanent WD40 fix. Worth a go if your'e thinking of replacing anyway
I would try Metal Polish first but NOT T cut.

Have patience but it will do it....
Would poorboys blackhole glaze help, I used to use it on the centre dash on my BMW which had black shine finish and had been scratched by the previous owner
Oddly the finish feels absolutely smooth to the touch... if you close your eyes while moving your fingers on top of the ash tray cover you could not tell there was an issue. Attached is a close-up photo. It look scratched but it does not feel so.


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Must be marks ON the surface then. I'd go with metal polish "lightly" first then lacquer after if dulled. Can do any harm if you are prepared to but anyway. Strange one though.
Well... one year later, and after applying copious amounts of elbow grease... I finally bought a brand new original MB black ashtray cover for the princely sum of twenty quid, and Comand UK kindly fitted it for me. Job done!

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