Damn I wish i'd seen this sooner - 190D

Discussion in 'Spotted on eBay!' started by tobyd@callnetuk, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. tobyd@callnetuk

    tobyd@callnetuk Active Member

    Sep 6, 2004
    Mercedes Benz 190D spares or repairs | eBay

    Tried to buy this a couple of years ago and it popped into my head last night so I searched Google and found that it had just sold.
    I ran this for a few weeks when it was new and I sold MB's. Was a cancelled export order that my dealership group got hold of.
    Imagine the speed 2.0 diesel - 79bhp - especially slow with the aircin on!
    What a spec tho. metallic malacite, 15 holes, green leather and factory aircon! No front armrest tho.
    Was slow as hell but sooo relaxin to drive knowing that you could only overtake a glacier in it. Would have loved to own it - but short on cash so perhaps its best I wasnt tempted.
    Did anyone on here buy it?
  2. John

    John Hardcore MB Enthusiast

    Mar 3, 2011
    Daan Saaf
    I wish.
    It's strange but I'm sure I've seen that car c/o this forum not so long ago.

    I can't find it in the 'Spotted on eBay' forum but unless I imagined it - it is on here somewhere I'm sure.
  3. trapperjohn

    trapperjohn MB Enthusiast

    Nov 19, 2008
    124 300D 24V Estate
    Not me but I had it on "watch" just because of the spec.

    My lad just borrowed my 300D (as per avatar) for a couple of days. He just loved the relaxed crusing, unhurried air it has about it. He is not long out of a 190D and into a Focus:ban:1.8TDCI. He misses the 190D! or as it called called at work "The Gadaffi Taxi"
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