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Oct 16, 2002
Houston, Texas
Ford Mustang GT
Just been out to visit a client. I was driving along a standard A road (30mph), cars parked on the opposite side, with cars driving on that side, so they were straddling the center line. Just enough room for two cars to pass each other.

Into view comes Mr DeathWish on his bike, on *my* side of the road, heading straight for me. Now, he did, commendably, keep close in to the kerb, but it took a couple of seconds for my brain to accept what my eyes were telling it; Numptyboy was cycling towards me and if I didn't take evasive action, he was going to collide with my passenger side! He just looked straight on, didn't acknowledge I was there, even after I blasted him with my horn. He was transfixed by some invisible force in front of him. Or thought he was back in Belgium and we were all mad for driving on the left ;)

Of course, a smooth application of the brake pedal, along with a jink right and then left meant we both carried on regardless, but still!

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