Darwin awards for car maintanence

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What more can one say?

How can that be?

A tribute to German engineering I'd say. ;)
Bet it was on Mobil 1 :D and the word C*ockhead springs to mind

In 40K my CLK Oil would have been changed 12 times :eek:

I have ever seen anyone before trying to lubricate an engine with chocolate. Or axle grease. Or sh**. Looks like at least one of the above.

I think its a testament to BMW actually. :rolleyes: I'm amazed that mill still runs at all.
irony is they reckon they will now have to change the oil every thousand miles or so for the next couple of changes to complete the flush out process.

so it will end up having 4 changes of oil, just very close together!
OMG, I am astonished that it still worked. It's a good job you have lights to tell you when to have a service. Maybe the guy thought you had to illuminate more than one red light on the service indicator.
He will be very lucky not to get his oilways bunged up with all that muck.
I suspect that he's not out of trouble yet.
It's amazing how dozy some owners are.
A lad in his late 20s works with me ... Ran a BMW for about three years.
Someone asked him where he had it serviced.
The response was ..... Eh ..... What ??
He'd never had it serviced ... Never even checked his oil or coolant.
Didn't know how to check the oil.
My God ... Even Mrs J can do that.

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