Darwin Awards - honourable mention

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Dec 2, 2003
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Dear all - you'll have heard of the Darwin Awards - here's an honourable mention one -

Eastern Europe is well known for its harsh winters. Croatian Zlatko Grdn, 52, has presumably seen his fair share of them. But in temperatures which recently dropped low enough to play havoc with outdoor machinery, Grdn was exasperated to find his car had fallen victim to the weather. After repeatedly refusing to start, he diagnosed the problem as being a frozen engine. The decision process which followed is perfectly logical, just insane.

How do you defrost something? You warm it up of course. And how do you warm things up? You get a fire going.

Grdn retrieved some old newspapers, stuffed them under the engine and lit them. Whether or not he wandered off out of concern for his safety or
simply though boredom, I do not know. However, wander off he did and was therefore downgraded from a candidate for a Darwin to an Honourable Mention when his car exploded in a fireball. A heartbroken Grden told local media: "I couldn't start the engine and realised it was frozen. I decided to warm it up. Now my lovely car is destroyed". Luckily, Grden now thinks he has identified what went wrong. "Maybe I used too much paper", he said.

So just watch that you use the right amount of paper when you go to warm your car up!!:D
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pammy said:
So just watch that you use the right amount of paper when you go to warm your car up!!:D
And so I dont do serious damage, just how much is the right amount of paper please ? :D :D :D
There was a follow up to this story.
The car in question was a top of the range pre VW Skoda, the 'der shkip'.
After the fire had gone out, he sold the ensuing charcol and got three times the value of the car. I love a happy ending.

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