DAS-6 Pro Plus Dual Action Polisher Kit £171 delivered

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Dec 20, 2015
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Outstanding value for anybody considering getting serious about detailing. This machine has a powerful 880W motor and a 12mm throw but to sweeten the deal , it comes with a collection of Meguiar's polishes and 3 different Flexipad Hex pads to get you up and running. They also throw in both 5" and 6" backing pads and a storage bag to put everything in.

The icing on the cake is that if you use the discount code DISC10 at the Checkout, it will knock the price down by a further 10%. If you own multiple cars or fancy earning some cash back from your mates, this is not a bad investment.

DAS-6 Pro+ Dual Action Orbital Polisher
I've got the standard das-6 and it's an awesome piece of kit. I use it all the time. It's virtually idiot proof
Nothing is idiot proof to a sufficiently talented idiot :D

But seriously, I bought a DAS-6 Pro + from the Clean Your Car website back in January and it is a stonking piece of kit. The power of the motor allows to you to push down harder for extra cut where necessary and the bigger 15mm throw of the Plus (the standard DAS-6 and DAS-6 Pro have a 6mm orbit) means you can cover more ground faster when attacking the larger panels. On the downside, don't even think of fitting smaller backing plates than the included 5" one as the polisher will become uncontrollable with its massive 15mm orbit over such a small area. I use a Shinemate hand puck to get into the nooks and crannies the Pro+ can't reach.

I have perfected my technique on my 13-year old L200 customised pickup truck which I sold to the first viewer at the full asking price last week. I have made a 12-year old Silver Honda Jazz look like it has just driven out of the showroom and my 27-year old TVR is so glossy you are in danger of burning your retinas if viewed without eye protection. In 2 weeks my GLC arrives and will get a "new car correction" to limit the orange peel which comes free these days. Having turned down the £400 Supagard paint protection upsell, I reckon I am well ahead of the game with this purchase.

DAS-6 Pro Plus options on CYC site

3" Shine mate Hand Puck
There seem to be a lot of versions of the DAS-6, with a wide range of orbit sizes.
I think we have to accept these polishers are Chinese generic versions which get overbranded with the purchasers advertising. There seems to be a throw option of 6, 12, 15 or 21mm whilst the motors fitted are either around 500W or 900W. For me the sweet spot seemed to be around 12 - 15mm for speed and usability. If you fancy the 15mm throw CYC kit with the Megs and 2 pads at £190 then the code DW05 at the Checkout should knock 5% off the total in your Cart.

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