Dash cam ??? any advice

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Jan 25, 2013
Warrington Cheshire
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Hi all
Thinking of buying a dash cam don't what to spend more than £100.
Halfords have a Nextbase 312GW for £99 it has good reviews, has any one got one or used one ? if so what do you think of it.
Also they do a fitting service, hard wired for £30 and that's with the kit witch cost £20 to buy so that's only £10 for fitting. Doesn't seem worth trying to do it your self for £10, so would you trust them with your pride and joy, or should I say has any one had them fit a dash cam ?
I have a Transcend Drive Pro.
Very happy with it. No bells and whistles, just sits there and does what it says on the tin.
Good iPhone app, and it has built in wifi so downloading footage from it is a doddle.
I was given one for Christmas, took it back to Halfords and exchanged it for a gift voucher.

They work both ways these things they can (and will) be seized as evidence. That's OK if you are sure you ALWAYS drive within 100% of the law, then go ahead.

I admit ,if I had one years ago when I was knocked of my motorcycle on a slow (25mph) roundabout on a sunny bright morning by a bloke who was half asleep, things might have gone a bit better in court.

But the same camera would have shown me going a 'tad' over the speed limit just minutes before the accident. And although that had absolutely nothing to do with the actual accident I am convinced it would have been bought up in court.
Out of curiosity can a gadget be attached to the 360 camera fitted to some cars to give the same feature?
I have a nextbase also had it hard wired along with SD card cost me £130.
Wished I'd of researched them a bit more before I bought the nextbase though.
Dont get me wrong the nextbase is good but you can get much better for the same sort of cash or if not cheaper.
It's a little bulky compared to some I have seen since I bought mine.
Shop around some good small discreet dash cams about now

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