Dashboard lighting

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Nov 28, 2007
Sussex Coast
Civit 1.8VTEC
Hi folks,

Wanted to turn lights from auto to manually-on late last night. I'd have expected the panel surrounding the switch to be lit, albeit dimly, showing the switch positions/function, but nothing there, just a pit of darkness. In foglights position the orange lamp lit. Are the non-foglight positions meant to be lit, and if so, what needs to be taken apart to replace the bulb?

Car is a 2005 w203.

Sorry for late reply, just signed up here and reading through a load of posts.

But, mine is exactly the same. Mines a 2004 W203 and the symbols around the lighting know do not light up which is realyl annoying
None of mine have ever been lit - AFAIK there'sno bulb or LED that illuminates them.

Never sussed out why...
Not sure about your particular models but there is usually a (+) and a (-) button on the instrument binnacle (possibly near the reset button for the speedo) the + button makes the lighting lighter...
JayBird, welcome to the forum:)

Blimey!! Forgotten I'd posted that one. Thanks for the replies.
The lighting switches do not illuminate on any of my cars
In the W203.

- after 2005 there are no indicators in the light switch.

- from 2006 only one colour, black, to replace any colour matched version previous. Maybe you have a grey or yellow hue now it replaces with black.

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