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Jun 24, 2008
i have W124 and I wondered why from the middle blowers it only blows cold? Is that how it is meant to be so when i put the heating on i had to close them . But after heavy breaking the other day a bag flew from the rear seat and hit the turning knob which now is "knocked" inside and cant take it out, tried to do that but how do you remove the clips that clip it inside? in the naynes manual says with flat bedded screwdriver but if they go back and cant take the blowers out? seems like i have to take the instrument cluster out too which i dont know how to do? in the manual says i have to take the speedo cable off do i really have to do that?
help pls
ok just a quick question to remove the centre console where the middle blowers are do I have to get the speedo clocks off first because i undid one of the bolts on the left but i suspect there is another one under the speedo? if so how do you remove that , do i have to unplug the cable that runs to the wheels as it says in haynes? thanks

the W124 is supposed to blow cold air always from the centre vents - its as designed.

to remove the instrument cluster you either need the special MB tools or modify a coat hanger to do it:


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