Dashboard Warning Lights & Messages 2016 A180d

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Nov 1, 2019
South Wales
A180d Sport
Hi all, hoping someone can help me out or point me in the right direction as to where the fault(s) may have arisen.

Driving on motorway, Cruise Control disengaged & would not re-engage. A few moments later, a number of icons appeared on the instrument cluster along with a few fault messages as follows (I'll also try to include some images):-

- ABS & Car Skidding logo inoperative see owners manual (Yellow Warning)
- Parking brake see owners manual (Red Warning)
- Collision Prevention Assist Plus inoperative (Yellow Warning)
- Engine Management light illuminated

Also noticed that steering became heavy & the "HOLD" function in relation to the parking brake no longer works.

Thanks in advance.



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A workmate called around with his fault code / diagnostic tester yesterday & the following faults (see images) were noted.

The common theme was the left rear wheel sensor??

All the codes were cleared ok. Not driven the car since but he suspects that they will re-appear when car in motion again.

If this is the faulty component, what does it look like, where do i get one (and approx cost), what exactly to i search or ask for, where on the wheel is it located & does the wheel need to come off to sort it?


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