Dealer sentenced (I nearly bought from him - saved by mycarcheck)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stevesey, Jul 13, 2011.

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    Don't think I posted this at the time but last December I went to look at A C2 for my Daughter - car was very tidy, 04 Plate, 40K miles, Black with a funky orange interior - £2.4K. Some minor scratching to interior door handles, no obvious signs of paint - although I did spot a bit on damaged lacquer on the front bumper where it met the wing (but bumper was original). Bit of haggling as it only had one key, no real history, I inspected log book, previous MOTs and a deal was agreed and a small deposit left.

    Car was at his home - but the guy was obviously a small trader as he had a row of simialrly aged small cars on autotrader and properly filed documentation inside the house.

    Did a "mycarcheck" (never used them before) when I got home and found it was a Cat-D (I had commented on one brand new wheel trim which the chap said he'd replaced a buckled wheel - but no other clues, although the single key and no history should have raised questions in my mind earlier).

    Spotted this in the local paper last night.

    This is Bristol | Dealer sold cars damaged in accidents without telling customers

    Interestingly he had already been warned by trading standards at the time about not declaring Cat-Ds to buyers - might explain why he didn't object to returning my deposit when I pulled out as he didn't want to risk me me making a fuss.

    I suspect write off was front suspension damage and perhaps the wing - nothing much else - Citreon don't spray the inside of the engine bay/inner wings so any non-originallity there would have been easier to spot as it was all in a light "primer" + overspray and looked consistent from side to side etc). It was still one of the best cars we looked at and a shame to walk away from - could have been a good deal - but the risk of alignment/tracking issues etc was too great.

    Interestingly I note there is no suggestion in the article that vehicles were poorly repaired or dangerous (but as they were all around the £2K mark the damage would have been light) - just seems to be the not informing the customer issue.

    Have bought 3 cars since (2 from small traders, 1 private) for me, SWMBO and daughter and all were mycarcheck'd before viewing - daughters had a red mark becuase of recent a personal plate transfer - helpful as it gave as a hint of how long the car had been on the market.
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    Would you suggest doing your own car check (HPI) even if you were buying from a established garage? Such as a franchise of Mercedes, Honda, Nissan, VW etc....
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    Just ask for a certificate and check the date is recent
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    I used to sell an awful lot of damaged cars to buyers. ( i.e Brand new cars, customer had accidents etc )

    These cars were inspected at Cat-D level but as we were self insured we did not have to record them as such - hence the title of each unit being Cat D but unlisted.

    C's + of course we registered them on miaftr.

    On every car you buy, even if it's only a few grand, it's gotta be worthwhile getting the RAC/AA/etc inspection done for a £100 or so
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