Dealer used different oil

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Mar 27, 2010
c63 amg ppp
I have a w204 c63amg and always used mobile 1 my running temp was always a steady 102c, I've just had it serviced and they have used shell ultra I'm not sure whether it's relevant but my car seems to cruise around the 97c mark now any ideas if the oil has made this difference?
The operating temperature could be affected by the oil viscosity (e.g. Xw-30 vs Xw-40 oil), but either way 97 degrees is perfect oil temperature so I wouldn't worry about it.

And Shell Helix Ultra is very good oil and MB 229.5 Approved.

EDIT - to be clear, I was referring to engine oil temperature, not coolant temperature.
We buy oil in viscosity designations e.g. 5W40 but that doesn't mean that all 5W40 oils are the same viscosity because 5W40 is a band and in practice one oil could be at the top of the band and another at the bottom. The band is wider than you might think with a min of 12.5 cSt and a maximum of 16.5 cSt. at 100 Deg C. It happens that Shell helix ultra is well towards the bottom of the band at 13.1 cSt so could be thinner than your previous oil and thinner oil runs cooler due to reduced drag.
5W30 oils actually rank the highest for film strength !

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