Dear Santa ;)

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merc85 said:
Some how i dont think its gonna happen, But hey i can dream lol
one day buddy one day....;)

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If you want some man maths to help you, er I mean Santa, to buy one for you - my inde told me they aren't that far off the regular ones. The difference comes when you need AMG bits like brakes etc.!

Apart from fuel of course - that is quite a bit different mind... :bannana:
I'm in the Motor trade so Replacement parts are not much of a concern, hence me already spending 1k on my CDI lol (me being fussy) it could have all waited but i keep on top of my cars.

I paid £4,500 for my 7 seat s211 cdi with fsh and 79k that was on a 53 plate, with regards to fuel i wouldnt even dream of owning a e55 if that thought worried me. ;)
I love filling up my E55, never worried me and like you say wrong car if it does.

Really like that and nice to see a non silver car.
If that was Tanzanite blue I'd at least go and see it. Mine's silver, just like (nearly) all the others. Not sure about the price, though; I reckon there could be fair bit of wriggle room there, or if not, mine's worth more than I paid for it in July.

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