Dec 2001 ML500 (facelift) for sale in about 3 weeks

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Jun 10, 2002
Berkshire, UK
MY04 SL55

I have a MY02 51 plate (Dec 51) ML500 which will be surplus to requirements in mid September

I'm just sounding out whether there is any interest in it :)

ML500 RF51YTx
115000 miles (yes, lots of miles)
Family Pack (7 seats)
UHI Phone system (exchangeable cradle system)
Heated memory seats
dipping mirror

Paintwork is Silver, Leather is a very dark grey almost black colour. (anthracite ?)

Its got everything except the tinted rear windows I think.

Its has a fully stamped Mercedes Benz service history so you still have rust warranty and mobilo life rescue package with it. and has MOT until mid Dec, tax until end Dec

Its just had all warranty rust work done, and I also had the front/rear bumpers resprayed, stone chips touched up, I replaced the centre armrest (as it gets worn) and the rear cupholder/vent mechanisms which get kicked by the child in the middle at the back, and window rubbers at the top of the doors as the old ones bubble because there is an internal metal strip that rusts - and so it looks great and is generaly in good condition.

The only things mechanically that have falled are
a) Alternator (which I replaced along with battery a couple of years ago)
b) Front aircon radiator got a stone hole, so was replaced again a couple of years ago

I have a set of new genuine front disks and pads, which will get put on as the front disks are just below the limit.

Bad Points:
Needs (and will have) a good valet of course thats what happens when you have kids ..
Will need track rod ends at some point in the next 10k miles I recon.

PM me if this sparks an urge to get a great family car at a sensible price.

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