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Apr 10, 2004
Ulrome, Driffield, East Yorkshire.
An SLK R171 with lots of toys and a Golf Plus for fishing.
Man rushes into the doctors reception and pushes straight past the receptionist into the doctors consulting room. He shouts at the medic 'doctor, doctor, I've got this song running through my head and it wont go away, its something about a Spanish hussy called Delila and that I felt a knife in my hand and she laughed no more!!!!!!'. Doctor takes a couple of minutes to calm him down and explains. 'Dont worry it's only the Tom Jones syndrome'. Man says 'so its not serious? and I dont worry about it then?'. Doctor finishes the consutation with,,,,,,, well,,,,,,, 'ITS NOT UNUSUAL'

My mates at work just told me this was an old 'un :eek: I've only just heard it!

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