Delay in engaging reverse gear

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Dwayne Lara

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Apr 26, 2017
A Class W168 1998 A160 Petrol automatic
Hello everyone. I have a 1998 A160 W168 with an automatic transmission (722.7). Ever since I bought it a year or so ago it has had a problem with the reverse gear. When selected, it will engage fine when the engine is cold, but then it only engages after a delay when the engine is running hot. It seems as if the reverse gear is in neutral and will only engage when I press down the accelerator and the engine revs up. This then happens with a thud and the car reverses quickly backwards, as one would imagine. I have had the gearbox checked by an auto transmission specialist and there was nothing wrong with it (I am told). I also sent the FTC with the valve body to ECU Testing and also fine there. Carsoft 7.4 indicates an EGS error code P123F which I have been unable to identify anywhere. Would anyone have any ideas? Could it be an electrical problem rather than a mechanical one? I can't figure this one out. Cheers.

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Yes, should have said that, sorry. I bought myself one of those long transmission dipsticks. In any case, wouldn't inadequate fluid level affect all the gears, not just the reversing one?

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