Delica has been valeted today :)


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Oct 30, 2008
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Just like to share a good experience.
The Deli I got was from a smoker :( and I could never get read of the smell...
The seats were quite dirty too...

Anyway, as its nearly all sorted now ( mechanic wise) and I need it to be nice and clean, I called few valet company, one could do it but I had to be in the middle of no-where and wait there from 9 till noon... The joy...
The other was in Livingston and it was a wee complicated for him to meet me somewhere as busy and a wee far away. But he got me another company number, telling me its the only one he would recommend.
He said ask for Simon, he's the man and he'll do as good as a job as me.
Sound good to me.
I make contact with Simon, had an appointment today and Darren came.
Now, I have no idea how good Simon is as it was Darren, but let me tell you, Darren rocks :rock:
He took him 2 hours to do the inside... Shampoo and all.
The Deli is a different beast inside and smell nice :thumb:
Today was a good day :bannana:

Then if you like to have a Valet coming to you while you can have a coffee at home or been at work and if you are in Edinburgh, call Simon from Autovalet at 07855957870.

Great service :)


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